Mary Has Her Mba Now

I am pretty glad that Mary is done with her classes, although I do not suspect that it will mean that she has a lot more time for the rest of her family. The kids and I have done pretty well and it was not that big of a deal. She was just spending a few nights a week working on her mba for the past couple of years. Of course we were alone, but the fact is that the kids are usually in bed pretty early and I would just watch basketball or football, sometimes I would even watch baseball if it was summer and there was nothing else to do. After awhile I got used to it and I began to work out in the evenings after the kids went to bed and while Mary was at class. I got an exercise bike and put it in front of the TV down in the basement, so that I could have something to do that was useful.

After awhile I had to invest in one of those really good exercise bikes, although I got a great deal on it after searching around on ebay. I needed to step it up and I just gave away the one that I had. This one is like riding up a mountain when you crank it up to the maximum resistance and after awhile I was really not getting further benefit from a bike that did not have that feature. Well in order to achieve what I wanted in a short time, I needed something which offered a much tougher work out. Mary loves it to be honest. She thinks I look as fit as I did in college. Back then I ran cross country, but my knees do not like running any more.

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